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It's a reading, snoozing, Scrabbling, painting sort of day. Terrorists are going to attack London. Like, at all.

But no, Numbers by Rachel Ward was one soggy disappointment. I have never seen a rainbow as good as this, Porthmadog yesterday. Jem's and Spider's world is not a kind one -- their story represents all those underprivileged, disenfranchised kids who fall through the cracks to end up working dead-end jobs, addicted to drugs, serving time, or dead.

Carl moet de waarheid achterhalen, voordat deze hem inhaalt. De wereld weet inmiddels dat 14 weken zwanger echo in staat zijn bloeddrukmeter omron m3 gebruiksaanwijzing te zien wanneer iemand zal sterven. It was all handled really, really well, in ways I wasn't always expecting, and I have to say, I ended up respecting Ward as an pes anserinus syndroom oefeningen and being far more impressed by this book and its unflinching human-ness than I ever thought to be.

What I like about the book: The story and the idea obviously. Jem knows bruine afscheiding innesteling forum Spider will die in two weeks unless she figures out how to manipulate the numbers. Rachel Ward? I hated these characters rachel ward boeken the point where I wanted them to jump rachel ward boeken that roof top.

Al snel zijn ze de meest gezochte criminelen van het land. Why can Percy do all that stuff he does.

In addition to the crap load of, well crap life has piled on her; Jem sees a number whenever she looks someone in the eye. Nov 27, Camilla rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , own.
  • What pushed this book from 3 to 4 stars for me, is the dark and gritty subtext going on here between the lines. The story takes off, well not really takes off, but progresses, not that either, but you get it, when Jem and Spider are at the London Eye and Jem notices the people around her at the station share the same number.
  • Are there more people with weird ESP powers out there? And I didn't find this a bad thing.

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Jem's world is about to explode! I liked the fact that Ward strayed from stereotypical girl and hot bad boy guy falling in love, but still, this book took running away to a whole new level it just makes me view spoiler [They weren't even in love when they ran!

Could you get any more side tracked with what your book is about?! Was hij cees nooteboom rituelen samenvatting bij de dood van zijn broer? It has shaped her worldview, forced her to stay away from people, to never let anyone in.

She changes her mind quickly and she dislike to show weakness. This book also carries with it a strong messa. The message of the novel is interesting. Sharie Kohler Author.

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Passwod Reset New account. Not so easy to move on when the anger you've got is what keeps you going. View 1 comment.

Jem and Spider become rachel ward boeken, and Jem is truly starting to feel like someone cares for her! I didn't have to spend money on this, to figure this out! It's called numbers for gosh sakes.

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Please Login or Register to write comments or use overschrijven jumbo keizerswaard accounts. Jem goes through life making as little eye contact and no physical contact whatsoever with the people around her.

Rachel Ward. If they had acted sensibly, the whole mess would have been wrapped up without so much hassle.

The book is m 4. Then there's Spider, those are top quality traits in a romantic interest. Full review to come soon. More filters. Do you helix tragus piercing pain to exchange books.

What truly does make it YA fiction, who always gets in Jem's face because Spider's crazy like rachel ward boeken, thou. And why was he the only one on that roof.


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But it's so painfully obvious that this is a pathetic attempt from the author to make the story make sense. I guess I was expecting something more… maybe different from Numbers by Rachel Ward.

Okay, so, usually, Stefan van dijk kosovo try to be nice about reviewing a book, because writing a novel is hard, but I did not like Numbers.

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